Hair mask for rapid hair growth


Introducing a variety of homemade hair masks for rapid hair growth

Thick and long, clear and healthy hairs are a sign of beauty and attention to health and appearance, and all men and women tend to have beautiful and beautiful and thick hairs. Use hair mask is essential for rapid hair growth and care it. Special care and also abstentions must be taken to achieve this. Some people have good, beautiful, thick hairs genetically and hereditary and just have to care them well. There are also people who have benefited less from this blessing and should be patient and they achieve their purpose by using from necessary care such as prescription medications or homemade masks.

(Hair mask for rapid hair growth and care)

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Types of hair masks for rapid hair growth

In general, it takes effort and patience to spend first place in terms of beauty, including skin, hair and fitness, and then using from specialist consultants is a sign of cleverness and attention to appearance. You have to pay attention to the appearance and personality health and make time for it if you want to have good self-esteem. Someone expects attention and a beautiful look from others if he/she doesn’t like him/her-self and ask them to do it for him/her. In the following, we introduced the tips and hair masks for fast hair growth to you which will make your hair thicker.

Treat your hair kindly

Some people tend to brush their hair with intensity and pressure and think that if they do it calmly and slowly their hairs will not be cleaned.  This is the first mistake anyone can make. A quick, high-pressure wash of hairs in the bathroom causes their roots to loosen and fall over time and reduce their volume and number and you see your head is empty without realizing after a while. Stop doing this right now and treat your hair like a delicate baby so if you’re one of those people.

Take care of your hair

The point is not to say that you have to spend a lot of time or impose enormous costs on yourself. Intended purpose is pay attention to the hair so treat them as soon as you see any failures and illnesses. Sometimes, for example, the hair becomes hair leprosy and their ends are horned and dried.  You can restore health to your beautiful hair by trimming the ends of your hairs in such a case if you find out soon. You have to trim about 6 to 8 mm to rejuvenate and start growing to trim the ends of your hair and remove the horned edges, and use simple homemade masks to grow and thicken your hair to strengthen your hair again.

Use types of hair masks for rapid hair growth

Applying and making homemade masks takes a little time and requires patience but it’s really impressive and healing and reduces or even completely eliminates hair diseases in many times. That’s why we introduce a lot of hair masks for fast growth of your hair.

Egg mask is a miracle for fast hair growth

Don’t forget the eggs if you want your hair to grow quickly and eliminate problems such as roughness, dryness and dehydration. Egg whites is the best medicine for this problems.

Remove egg whites and shake it a little and gently massage it on the skin of the scalp to penetrate deeply into the root. Some people believed that the egg yolk is very useful, in any case, eggs can be a very good mask for rapid hair growth, because it contains a lot of sodium, Potassium, Sulfur, magnesium and protein, nourishes the hair completely and makes it strong, vibrant, soft.

(Hair mask for rapid hair growth by using from eggs)

Use garlic for rapid hair growth

Garlic has excellent healing properties and treats many skin diseases and fungal diseases of the hair. This is due to the presence of Alcine and Vitamin E and Copper which help to stop hair loss and accelerate their growth and the results are satisfying after short timeframe. Just crush the garlic very well and then apply it to the scalp. It may burn the skin, you can add a little honey to it to prevent this. Combine the garlic with olive oil and boil them together is another way that you can use garlic as a hair mask to rapid hair grow. Boil the amount of garlic and natural olive oil and massage it into your head after it has cooled and let it to stand for half an hour and then rinse it by gentle shampoo.

(Hair mask for rapid hair growth; Do not forget the garlic.)

Use a lemon juice mask for hair growing.

The hair that is too oily is the hair loss, so at first you need to get extra oil and then to accelerate their growth by using other masks. Lemon juice contains many types of B vitamins ranging from 1 to 2 and it is rich in antioxidants.  Folic acid is another nutrient in lemon juice that is very effective for rapid hair growth. Lemon juice increases blood flow to the scalp and regulates it, as a result, it prevents hair loss. One type of hair mask for rapid hair growth is lemon juice which mix the lemon juice with coconut oil and olive oil to make it massage the head and skin by this mask. You can do this once a week. Do not use strong chemical and pressure shampoos to washing hair and do it slowly.

(Hair mask for rapid hair growth; Lemon juice mask)

Use a potato mask

Potatoes are rich in hydrocarbons and starches, which strengthen and soften the hair. So you can use it as a homemade mask. Crush a medium potato into the food processor completely and an egg whites and a little honey, mix well to blend perfectly to make this mask. Let this mixture stand for a few minutes. Then gently apply it to the scalp and allow it to go deep into the hair and scalp for an hour. Try using booster shampoos to wash it. You can use and apply this mask twice a week. You will definitely get good results.

(Hair mask for rapid hair growth; Potato mask)

Use Aloe Vera for rapid hair growth

This herb is rich in nutrients and beneficial and it is also useful for treating dryness and skin disorders. Aloe Vera balances the pH of the skin and it has many useful enzymes. Aloe Vera strengthens and blocks hair follicles and it prevents hair loss. In addition, it extracted the dead cells and forces the skin’s collagen to form new and young cells. Crushed some of the aloe Vera completely and apply to scalp and let stand for an hour then rinse with lukewarm water to make this type of hair mask for rapid hair growth.

Use mustard oil and henna leaves

From ancient times, Henna was used to strengthen and soften hair and many people still use it for this purpose. Pour some of the mustard oil into the Aluminum pan and bring to a boil, then sprinkle with henna leaves so boil together as far as the henna leaves start to burn to make a henna mask.

At the same time, remove the pan from the gas and smooth the mixture and apply the henna extract and mustard oil on the scalp.

(Hair mask for rapid growth made of henna)

Repeat this operation for several times completely eliminates hair diseases and makes them strong, youthful and soft. Of course, henna gives little color to the hair; if you want to fix your problem you have to deal with it.

Use apple vinegar

Apple vinegar is another type of hair mask for rapid hair growth which has wonderful effect. Apple vinegar blocks the hair follicles and prevents hair loss, in addition to balancing the pH of the skin. Mix some apple vinegar with water and wash your head with it to make the apple vinegar mask. However, allow this mixture to stand for half an hour to have more effect.

Use an onion mask for rapid hair growth

Onions are foods that many people may not like and some people don’t even use it in their food, but you should know that onions have great nutrients and it is very useful to prevent hair loss and rapid growth. The onion contained a lot of amounts of Sulfur, which forced the skin to make collagen and as you know, collagen is also essential for creating the new and young cells. Crush some onion in the food processor to extract it and then smooth it and massage the scalp with this extract to make the onion mask.

(Hair mask for rapid growth made of onion)

The onion because of its acidic state will burn the skin. You can add a little honey or olive oil to it so scalp should not become inflamed and red and don’t let it stay on scalp and wash the mask after the massage and a few minutes.

Use herbal decoctions for rapid hair growth

Herbs such as Rose Marie, Mint, Nettle, Burdock, Equisetum, Sage, and others are very effective in rapid growing and preventing of hair loss. These herbs strengthen and block the follicles, and in this process preventing of hair loss.

Green tea has the same effect and in addition to having polyphenols eliminates fungal diseases and weakness of the hair roots. It also improves and regulates the blood circulation of the scalp. The herbs we mentioned poured into the teapot like tea, and pour boiling water over them and allow them to brew completely so their extract was removed and mixed together to make this mask. Pour ready brewed on scalp; wash and massage your head by it and let it rest for half an hour and then rinse with lukewarm water.  Make sure the head is clean to maximize its effect before using from any mask. Eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 solves the problems of the follicle and prevents hair loss due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Foods such as fish, shrimp, olive oil, flaxseed, walnut and pumpkin contain a lot of amounts of omega-3s, which you can provide the omega-3s you need to grow and strengthen your hair by eating them.

(Omega 3 effect for rapid hair growth)

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