These natural hair masks work wonders!


Introducing the best natural hair masks for hair care : Hair, like all body parts, needs care and attention. Just as you care for the health of your skin and internal organs such as the stomach or intestine or want to relieve hunger or thirst with food and water, your hair needs to be well nourished to stay alive and healthy.


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Part of the nourishment of the hair is provided by the food we eat and the other part can be covered with appropriate masks. Natural hair masks actually deliver the proper nutrition to the hair and repair hair diseases. Of course, if you have acute problems with your hair, you should see a doctor first.


Before using your natural hair masks, get to know your hair

Whether you have dry or oily hair or have smooth or curly hair, you should consider the type of natural hair masks. Applying dry hair mask to greasy hair will make them oilier and cause them to fall out. The same is true for dry hair.

For curly and bumpy hair, certain types of natural hair masks should be used, as smooth natural hair masks will be different. Know the type and mettle of your hair and then apply a mask.


Both hair colour and hair booster

Eggs, due to their protein content, strengthen the hair. You can break two eggs in one pan and massage in the palm of your head with a little olive oil.

Try not to lay eggs on the hair, as it is very difficult to wash the eggs when it dry. Of course, if you are bored washing it, even rubbing it on your hair is very effective. The egg also brightens the hair colour and shiner the hair.


natural hair masks suitable for split end of hair

in term If your hair has split end and has lost its softness or you feel roughness after dyeing your hair, you can use a banana and honey mask.

Mix the bananas and honey and apply on the hair and leave it for a few minutes. In general, it is difficult to wash the mask on the hair. You have to be patient and do not rush.


Make a natural hair conditioner

To keep your hair soft or if you always have coloured hair and have to use a conditioner constantly, you can make and use every other one, a hair conditioner mask

Mix avocado, egg, olive oil, honey and water and stir to form a cream, then massage your hair with it and let it rest for a few minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.


Make a hair booster mask

To strengthen your hair and have strong roots, you need to use booster ingredients or shampoos. Experience has shown that natural masks made at home will be more effective than booster shampoos.

Mix some coconut milk and olive oil together and apply on hair and scalp. Because this mask is thin, it may leak from the hair. To prevent this, apply a thin nylon over your head to keep the natural hair masks on and after 15 to 20 minutes you can rinse your hair with lukewarm water.


Treat hair loss with a sour lemon mask

If you have sudden hair loss and you know that hair loss is due to fatigue and weakening of the hair you can massage your hair with lemon juice. Sour lemon, due to its high levels of vitamins and antioxidants, strengthens hair roots and increases their thickness and firmness


Treat dandruff with oatmeal natural hair masks

If your hair has dandruff and you have tried all kinds of shampoos and you have not found a good result, you can also try an oatmeal hair mask. If it doesn’t benefit, it doesn’t hurt.

Mix the oatmeal with some milk and almond or olive oil and apply to the hair and hair and leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water and dry gently.


Dry Hair Mask

If your hair is dry and brittle, you can use egg and yogurt hair masks to repair it. Eggs and yogurt have protein and lactic acid that make the hair soft and smooth.

Mix yogurt and egg and apply to your hair and repeat for several weeks. After a while, the softness and Subtlety of your hair will increase noticeably.

In general, eggs and milk make the hair soft and subtlety, so making masks with these two ingredients can be very suitable for dry hair.


natural hair masks for oily hair

Very oily hair as much as dry hair can be harmful. High-fat hair causes hair loss. To reduce hair grease, egg white with a little olive oil and massage on scalp of your head and hair and then wash with a suitable shampoo and booster. This mask reduces hair fat.


Tomato natural hair masks to prevent hair loss

Tomatoes have a lot of antioxidants and are very good for damaged hair and skin. To repair hair and stop hair loss, mince the tomato, filter its water and massage filtered water on the hair and scalp and repeat once a week. Some people, of course, are allergic to tomatoes and using them can inflame their skin. If you are one of these people, be careful about using a tomato hair mask.

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