Treatment of dark spots on face during a week


Dark spots on face : The fastest way to treat facial stain and pimples is a natural mask, which you will see its great results in 1 week.

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Treat face stains and pimples in a week

For smooth and beautiful skin, if you eliminate the red and brown spots on your skin you will achieve the desired result and of course better. Therefore, know the effective and approved methods for the treatment of stains and pimples on the face. One of the most popular method for women around the world is herbal and homemade masks, that in this part of Bloombee’s skin beauty we will introduce you.


Different ways of treatment of dark spots on face in just a week

If you suffer from face stains and pimples, it’s time to treat your skin in a week. For a week, use natural and inexpensive serums to remove stains and to brighten the skin, and instead of expensive creams, use natural and inexpensive ways to remove stains. It nourishes and moisturizes the skin and heals damaged skin.


Ingredients needed for mask of stain and pimples treatment


Treatment of stain and pimples


Cheap home and natural prescription for treatment of dark spots on face skin


Aloe vera jelly: 1 tbsp

Vitamin E capsule: 2 tablets

Rose water: 2 tablespoons

Glycerin: Half a spoon



Method of preparation of prescription for dark spots on face treatment

In a small bowl, pour 3 tablespoons of Alvora and add rose water and glycerin.

Combine the material with fingertips well to give the serum a firmness.

Apply this serum gently on the face and allow it to rest for 10 minutes and then rinse the face with water.

Apply this natural version for a week to get a bright, flawless skin. This mask quickly destroys skin stains.

Aloe vera is effective in treating damaged skin and protecting the skin against infections. The rose water in this serum fades the dark stains, brightens the skin. Glycerin and Vitamin E nourish the skin and help rejuvenate it.

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