Treatment of split ends with natural and homemade remedies


Almost every woman with long hair has experienced split ends. It is formed when the ends of the hair split to one or more branches that, if not treated, will progress and not only weaken the hair but also create imbalance at the end of your hair and create an unpleasant appearance. For this reason, in this post we will talk about split ends and the various ways to prevent it and take care of the hair and we will suggest tips to treat and get rid of it.

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The reason for split ends

Split ends can occur for a variety of reasons, but in general the main reason of the formation of split is dryness of hair that usually develops at its. Using cosmetics and a variety of hair dyes and oxidants, using inappropriate shampoo for hair, hair drying and ironing, even combing the hair with stiff brushes and a variety of other reasons that can damage your hair and dry your hair can also lead to split ends.


Split ends and its treatment


Cut your hair

It can be said that split ends has no treatment. That is, when your hair has become split, there is no effective way to recover unless you cut your hair as much as you can and then use a variety of strengtheners to prevent it.





To protect your hair, it’s best to cut your hair one to two inches every six weeks or every two months. The only downside is that it prevents your hair from growing fast and you may not be able to grow a long hair quickly. If you think that every two months it is too soon to shorten the end of your hair, at least once in every six months cut about 2-3 cm to prevent split ends. Of course, there are other effective methods alongside haircut that we will talk about later.


Use oils to treat split ends

As I mentioned above, the main cause of split ends is its dryness. It happens when for any reason, the natural fat of the hair is destroyed that leads to it. It is best to use oils such as olive oil and bitter almond oil in order to control this and actually prevent it. Make your hands greasy with your desired vegetable oil and apply to the ends of your hair so that it becomes slightly greasy. This can prevent the formation of split ends.

Herbal hair mask to prevent and treat split ends

Mix two tablespoons of olive oil with two tablespoons of coconut oil and add a ripe mashed avocado. For better results, you can warm the oils a little and then mix with the mashed avocado and apply this hair mask from the middle part to the ends of your hair for 30 minutes. This mask should not reach your scalp. After 30 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water. From the first time you can see the great effect of this hair mask on the appearance of your hair and its shininess. It can also have a great effect on hair splitting and prevent it.

Egg yolks for split ends

Eggs provide natural moisture in the hair and treat split ends because of its fatty acids and protein as well as Vitamin A. Mixture of egg yolks with vegetable oils such as olive oil can also be a great mask to strengthen the hair as well as prevent it. It is recommended to use an egg mask once a week to strengthen the hair, which will strengthen both the roots and can help your hair shine and look pretty.

Use a banana mask

Bananas are rich in natural oils, potassium, zinc, iron and vitamins A, E and C which help restore hair elasticity and minimize hair fragility. It also keeps the hair soft and moist and improves the texture of the hair and prevents the growth of split ends. Mash the bananas and apply them to your hair or mix it with two tablespoons of yogurt and some water and lemon juice and then apply the mask on your hair and rinse with warm water after an hour. Repeat this once or twice a week to see its effect on your hair.

Tips to prevent and treat split ends

Do not use hot water to wash your hair and reduce the temperature of the water as much as possible.

Do not use hairdryer immediately after bathing. It is best to wait for your hair to dry up at room temperature and then use a hairdryer with a low temperature. Do not use its hot switch at all.

Do not use hair iron and high-heat hair styling tools to condition your hair.

Grease your hair with a little olive oil before using a hairdryer.

When the hair is still wet, do not try to use combs or brushes to forcibly straighten the knots as it causes excessive stretching of the hair and weakening of the tissues, which in turn results in split ends.

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