What is the best way for skin washing?


The more time you spend on skin washing and cleansing and the more carefully you carry it out, the better your skin’s health will be. In fact, spending money on skin cleansing is a kind of saving money on the purchase of therapeutic creams.

In this text, the routine for cleansing oily and complex skin as well as normal to dry skin is described:

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Washing your skin is one of the significant steps in skin care. If you know what problems skin cleansing can solve and prevent, you would never neglect it. Earlier in an article we pointed out the cleansers which work for skin.

The more time you spend on skin washing and cleansing and the more carefully you carry it out, the better your skin’s health will be. Always choose the best cleansers . Spending money on skin cleansing is actually a way of saving on the purchase of therapeutic creams.

Here the routine for cleansing oily and complex skin as well as normal to dry skin is described:

When coming back home from a party, follow these following steps to make sure your skin is clean.

Routine for oily skin washing

Micellar Water

If you are into makeup or using heavy and cover creams, the first step in your routine skin cleansing should be using Micellar Water. Micellar Waters are solutions which are highly purifying. First of all, you should pour the Micellar Water on a pad then apply on the make-up skin. This will cleanse your entire face powder cream.

Some Micellar Waters are also appropriate for eye makeup, and some are not. So when choosing a Micellar Water, make sure to read the text on it to see if you can also cleanse your eye makeup or not. If you have a Micellar Water which is not for eye makeup, read the next step.


Eye Makeup Remover

Use only eye-cleansers for removing eye makeup and skin washing. Most of these types of cleaners work within two phases. One phase is fatty and the other is non-fatty. The fatty phase is suitable for dissolving heavy makeup fats such as mascara and eyeliner.

After using two-phase eye cleaners, you may feel a little greasy around your eyes. This is not only bad, but also good for providing moisture and fat around eyes.

The cleanser which needs to be washed

People with oily skin prefer to use cleansers that will eventually rinse their skin. Many people with oily skin do not feel cleansed without rinsing.

People with oily skin for skin washing should be careful to choose cleansers which are specific to oily skin. These types of cleansers contain skin fat control compounds and sebum regulators. Oily skin cleansers have a higher cleansing strength, but it should be noted that if the cleanser dries the skin too much, the skin will naturally secrete more oil to compensate for it, and this defective cycle proceeds.

Thus, cleansers are good for oily skin that does not over-dry the skin because then the skin becomes oily faster and more. Cleansers can be in the form of foam, washing gel or pan.

Toner, complement to skin washing

Toners are watery solutions that easily penetrate the pores of the skin and remove contaminants. Sometimes it takes place that after washing the face and rinsing it, you notice some contamination on the pad when you apply the toner pad on your face. This contamination is the one trapped in the pores.



Cleansing the face with toner is a complementary step to skin washing. Take the time to do it carefully.



Scrub or exfoliates are cream products that contain small seeds. In contact with skin and massage, they remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and prepare the skin to absorb nutrients. Scrub is recommended once a week.

A good scrub is the one that does not contain rough seeds because rough seeds ruin the surface of the skin subtly and make the skin prone to inflammation and pimples.

People with sensitive skin should use the scrub at least every two weeks and use very gentle scrub for skin washing.

Routine for cleansing normal and dry skin

Normal to dry skin cleansing procedures are similar to routine oily skin cleansing, but the difference is that each of the stages requires its own skin type product.

Steps 1 and 2 are exactly the same as the oily skin wash routine mentioned above.

Using a cream cleanser

People with normal to dry skin can use cleansers that need to be rinsed, as well as cream cleansers. Creamy cleansers or milky removers are creamy products that release less moisture and fat while cleaning. Therefore this type of cleanser is only recommended for normal and dry skin washing.

Steps 4 and 5 are exactly the same as the procedures described above for the oily skin wash routine, except that normal to dry skin products should be used.

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