Why does the skin need night creams?


Night creams are oily and thick creams with numerous nutritional factors that should be taken Until the time return softness, vitality and transparency to the skin. But because of the highest absorption of active ingredients and products through the skin at night, the use of these creams is particularly important, creams that fight the damage caused by harmful agents and greatly compensate them.

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What is Night Creams?

Night creams are usually made of a combination of retinol, antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluronic acid without sunscreen filters in the form of moisturizers and effective rejuvenators that are more potent than day creams and are richer than other products. Changes that result in increased production of living cells, rehydration, skin regeneration and repair. On the other hand, regeneration of cells during sleep is faster. As a result, the skin will absorb the ingredients of the cream into the skin more than during the day. On the other hand, regeneration of cells during sleep is faster. As a result, the skin will absorb the ingredients of the cream into the skin more than during the day.

The richest and most nutritious ingredients are usually used in the production and design of night creams. Since you are going to strengthen your skin’s defense barrier and resist stress, pollution, sunlight and other external factors all day long, you should not limit yourself to daily sunscreen and moisturizing. In this article you can get acquainted with these creams and their positive effects on the skin.


Why do we need night creams?

Before answering this important question, let’s review the types of skin creams needed and the methods and conditions of use:

  • Daily moisturizing creams applied to any face or body skin.
  • Sunscreen creams, which is used because of the effects of ultraviolet radiation and its renew throughout the day is of particular importance.
  • Day creams, which are used to moisturize with the sunscreen compounds found in most of these creams and they prevent contaminants and the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Night creams that provide the skin with various nutrients and vitamins during the night.

But in explaining the importance of these creams and their differences with day creams, we should say that these creams are much more nutritious products, often derived from a combination of vitamins, retinol and hyaluronic acid and They result in nourishing the skin at night breaks away from city pollution and weather, stress and the effects of sun and makeup materials. All the external factors that cause skin damage and they can cause wrinkles, blotches, and even skin cancers with dry skin and aging as well as menopause. On the other hand, these creams have minerals in their compounds that prevent the skin from drying out and maintain collagen formation and skin flexibility.


Consumption of night creams, from early youth to end of life

You must have heard the term prevention better than cure. All of our lives begin with the water bag in the mother’s abdomen and then continue with moisturizing creams in infancy until to reach the sunscreens that should become an important habit for each of us as a teenager. So the need for water and moisture in the skin can be understood from the depth of the story. But since the start of use of cosmetics for young women, the need to nourish the skin is become more important, exactly as time goes by, our skin becomes dry and Low water, and with irregular washing it appears red and inflamed and eventually loses its firmness and elasticity and the skin becomes dull and loose.

All these stages, from infancy to the present, remind us all of the importance of hydrating the skin in different stages of life, so Over time, we could stop or minimize its destruction process with the care needed. So different types of night creams with different functions can be named as follows:

  • Regenerative creams: These creams increase the production of living cells and increase blood circulation in the skin.
  • repairing creams: These creams will both repair damaged skin and prevent weakening of the skin and strengthen it.


Which type of night cream is suitable for your age?

Lighter these creams are suitable for moisturizing and Strengthen the skin at an early age, usually from 20 to 25 years. These light creams do not clog skin pores and prevent acne.

These creams contain moisturizing, energizing and rejuvenating ones that using them start from the age of 25 to 30 and are very effective in nourishing the skin. Because during the night’s sleep, your skin will be fully restored and regenerated after cleansing and applying these sunscreen-free night creams.

Other types of these creams are creams that contain healing ingredients that repair the damaging effects of external factors on the skin and make your skin smooth and clear with its anti-staining and anti-wrinkle properties, are multifunctional products for ages over 30 years old.

So it’s best to use sunscreen and anti-free radicals during the day and go for nourishing and non-fat night creams at night.


What compounds in night creams should you consider?

We recommend that besides choosing a light this cream for your skin, note that it must be odorless and anti-allergic. But there are also important ingredients that will be essential and effective in this cream to stay effective on the skin and make the skin look younger and clearer. These include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Strengthens and tightens the skin, prevents skin aging and reduces wrinkles.
  • Types of vitamins: To prevent and counteract the effects of free radicals, to quickly heal damaged cells and prevent future damage.
  • Retinol: For exfoliation.
  • Antioxidants: Prevents premature skin aging and neutralizes wrinkles that create free radicals. On the other hand, it increases collagen in the skin.
  • Amino Acid: Helps improve the immune system and damaged tissues and regenerate cells and nourish the skin.


What is the best time to use night creams?

The main benefit of applying these cream is a hydration to the skin that prevents drying out of the skin and enhances the production of collagen that maintains the skin’s elongation. The best time to use this cream is at night before bedtime, as it is the best time for the skin to begin proper lifting and repair. After cleansing the face, apply this cream on the face, neck, and part of the decollete.

Remember to apply these creams on cleansed skin and massage a little to get it into your skin well. If after a few months of applying night creams, you find that your face wrinkles disappear or faded, don’t be surprised. Because thorough face washing, applying this cream along with skin massage, night skin care for even a few minutes and escaping daily stress are all effective in making this change.

Finally, we should add that oily skin also becomes dry skin as we age, so using these creams is recommended for this people. Finally, for a better result, be sure to use a serum along with these creams.

Don’t overlook night creams, while you are sleeping, your skin will regenerate and multiplied the function of skin in reconstruction with the help of this cream.

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