Body Care

Golden tips on body care

1-    Avoid long showers with hot water

Sure, you feel good about taking a hot shower, but it eliminates the essential skin moistur on your skin. Especially in winter, limit your shower to 10 minutes and use lukewarm water.

2-    Use face cleansing creams for the neck and chest as well

These areas are as vulnerable to wrinkles, dryness and aging as your face. So for your body care, after cleansing these areas with a face cream, rub these areas with a moisturizer. You can also use a face mask in these areas once a month.

3-    If you care about the beauty of your skin, then do not use soaps with concentrated fragrances for your body care

Instead, use soaps that contain extra fat. Excess fat leaves a moisturizing layer on your skin after bathing.

4-    Apply a strong moisturizer or balm to your hands and feet at night

Then, cover your hands with a thin cloth glove and wear socks to moisturize your cream, hands and feet.

5-    Always use a coarse washcloth to wash your body for your body care.

With using coarse washcloth, you get rid of dead skin cells and also prevent the subcutaneous hair of your body. To make your skin smoother, you can soak your washcloth in a few drops of a cleanser containing alpha-hydroxy acid.

6-    Sprinkle powder on areas of the body where your skin is messed up

Under the chest, armpits and inside the thighs are good places. The powder prevents abrasion, bacterial growth and itching.

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