Skin Care Routines : Honestly, to have good skin, we need to spend a little time with this dear friend. A valuable friend that we must take good care of throughout our lives. In this way, by doing daily skin care, you define a periodic and skin care routine program for your skin that helps rejuvenate and improve the health of your facial skin.

It should also be noted that skin care routines are not just for the face, and for the body, hands and feet, it is better to have regular care programs. Keep in mind that this method of skin care does not require a lot of money, and only by planning and doing these procedures regularly, your facial skin will feel good. Keep in mind that you can’t have good skin just by having a good gene   And you need to maintain of your skin with care.

What is the right way to skin care routines?

Facial skin care is a constant task and should be taken care of twice a day. For daily skin care routine, these tasks must be performed in sequence:

1-   Clear first

The first step in daily skin care is to clean it properly and thoroughly from all kinds of impurities. Depending on your skin type, you can use a variety of foams, gels or wet wipes. Of course, be careful when using a wet towel and do not rub it firmly on your face. If your facial skin is not dry, greasy or mixed, you can use only lukewarm water to wash your daily skin care routine.

2-   Next, use the toner

The property of toners (or skin tonics) is to restore the pH of the skin to a balanced and appropriate state that may be disturbed by the use of detergents. In this way, using a toner that suits your skin type will restore the lost moisture to it. Using a toner for greasy, dry and mixed skin is one of the things that will help you have a more balanced skin.

3-   Now moisturizer

After these two steps, it’s time to use the moisturizer. It is better to use moisturizers that use collagen in their formula and are not fragrant. If you are in your 30s, you can use a variety of day skin care creams at this stage.

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